5 ways to maintain a close connection with your cat

Updated: May 9, 2019

Cats are known as the less affectionate pet on earth! yes! They may not like

snuggling or helding them for too long!(whether you like it or not!)

But.. there are definitely ways to bond with your cat which will make them more affectionate towards you.

1)Keep Calm.

Try bonding with your cat when you're in a good mood! Cats need to feel safe around their owners especially cats who are adopted from shelters or comes from a negative environment. Cats dont understand what you're saying but they understand your body language. Be super relax when you wanna bond with them!As your body relaxes, it makes you feel good, and it makes them feel good.

2) Play with your cat.

For us humans, to help burn off stress, we tend to release it by dancing,going on a vacation, going to the gym or even going for a walk outside. same like us, to help burn stress,cats need stimulation.Bring your cat out for a walk with a harness or leash if your cat likes outdoor . If you’re the proud owner of an indoor cat, let your cat peak What's outside the window! Also, buy toys that you can play together with your cat

3) Brushing and Petting

Brushing and petting is very soothing for your cat. If your cat doesnt like brushing, try belly rubbing them instead.

4) Sleep together

Have a nap together with your cat. Let them sleep with you on your bed.

5) Feed treats

Feed treats every once in a while to get their attention!

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